Hayden Coffey

Master's Student

Knoxville, TN




CORSys Research Group




Personal Introduction

Welcome to my website! I am currently a Master's student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I have research interests in software and operating systems as well as computer architecture , and enjoy teaching and learning from others. I spend most of my time in C++ and Python, but I enjoy exploring and developing in other programming languages as well.

One of my favorite ways to learn is to integrate the material into game development as it provides a fun and visual way to work with the topic. I have worked with the Unity and Godot game engines as well as developed a (mostly complete) 2D SDL-based game engine written in C++.

Work Experience

Graduate Research / Teaching Assistant
Fall 2019 - Current

Working under the direction of Dr. Michael R. Jantz as a member of the CORSys Research Group with a focus on software and memory systems.

SAIC : Software Engineer Intern
Summer 2019

Worked as a member of the Core team and developed in Java. The Core team designed and implemented software models and paradigms so that other teams’ work could be combined into a system.

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Spring 2018 - Summer 2019

Worked under the direction of Dr. Austin Z. Henley. Collaborated with Oregon State University on the development of an Electron based IDE written in Typescript.


Marjan Adeli, Nicholas Nelson, Souti Chattopadhyay, Hayden Coffey, Austin Henley, Anita Sarma.

VL/HCC'20, Dunedin, New Zealand, August 10, 2020.


University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2015 - 2019

B.S. in Computer Science, summa cum laude.

Minor in Mathematics.